Wood Sculpture Statue


  • Carved Wood Fragment With Religious Scene 17th Top 16 Width 11 Cm Prof 5.5
  • Rare Soul From Purgatory Time Seventeenth Century, 17th Century High Time
  • Saint Guenole 17th Polychrome Wood Sculpt St. Patina Origin C2084
  • Crown Wood Sculpture Lily, High 18th 17th Time 30x43x33cm Wood
  • Carved Wood Christ Cristo 18th 18th Century Carved Wood 17th 17th Ecce Homo
  • Panel Carved 17th Century Carved Oak High 17th Era Grotesque Panel
  • Immaculate. Sculpture Carved Wood. Originally Polychrome. Spain. 17th Century
  • Old Statue, Holy, Magi, Christ, Religious, High Time, 16th, 17th
  • Saint Polychrome Wood Sculpture Of St. Dominic 17th Time
  • Italian Bronze Bust Of A Putto Renaissance 16th 17th 16th 17th High Era
  • Saint Georges. Sculpture. Carved Wood. Spain. 17th Century
  • Polychrome Wooden Sculpture Statue St. Bishop Wood Gilded 17th Time
  • Great Christ Crucifix Carved Wood Polychrome 17th / Spain High Era