Wood Sculpture Statue


  • Crown Wood Sculpture Lily, High 18th 17th Time 30x43x33cm Wood
  • Virgin Carved Wood Xviii Century Haute Epoque
  • Statue St. Nun Oak Carved Wood Sculpture 61cm Haute Epoque
  • Panel Carved 17th Century Carved Oak High 17th Era Grotesque Panel
  • Virgin Carved Eighteenth Century Haute Epoque
  • Old Statue, Holy, Magi, Christ, Religious, High Time, 16th, 17th
  • Statue Holy Wood 15th Xvth Haute Epoque 15th Century Gothic Madonna Madonna
  • Gothic Wooden Carved 16th St. Heilige Sixteenth 16th Century Haute Epoque
  • Wood Panel Sculpture Haute Epoque 17-18th Century Panel 33x23x5cm
  • Statue 89 Cm Medieval St Francis Of Assisi Statue Sculpture Fifteenth Standbeeld
  • Italian Bronze Bust Of A Putto Renaissance 16th 17th 16th 17th High Era
  • Statue St. Sebastian Polychrome Wood Seventeenth Haute Epoque Church
  • Statue Of Jeanne D'arc In Regule On Plinth Wooden / 27 Cms From Top
  • Pair Of Cherub Wooden Statues 18eme Haute Epoque Religious
  • Pair Of Heads Of Haute Epoque Walnut Carved Epoque Xviii Louis Xiii
  • Great Christ Crucifix Carved Wood Polychrome 17th / Spain High Era
  • Statue Wood High Era Saint Bernard Of Aosta Xvi