Wood Sculpture Statue


  • Whippet Pair, Dog Statue On A Wooden Base, Limited Art Dog En
  • Old Great Pair Spacers Cabinet Shaped Grotesque
  • Pair The Round Sculptures Gilded Wood Angels Cherubs Cherub Church Xvii
  • Pair Sculptures Evangelists Saints Bible Carved Gilded Wood Eighteenth Century
  • Pair Of Old Statue Of Angels Wooden Putti Epoch Xviii Putto
  • Pair Of Vintage Columns Teck Sculpt Candlestick 15x15x160cm India
  • Pair Of Cherub Wooden Statues 18eme Haute Epoque Religious
  • Pair Of Heads Of Haute Epoque Walnut Carved Epoque Xviii Louis Xiii
  • Pair Reliquary Statues Greeting Boxes Characters Carved Wood China 19th
  • Pair Of Angels. Polychrome Wood Carving. Spain. Xviii
  • Pair Chinese Decorative Panels Gold Lacquered Wood Ideograms China Nineteenth
  • Pair Of Corinthian Columns. Carved Wood. Golden Leaf Gold. Spain. Eighteenth