Wood Sculpture Statue


  • Old Carved Wooden Sign Children 1900s Old Black Forest Carved Panel
  • Religious Statue Carved Wood Saint John Xix Century Period Religiosa
  • Santon Of Nursery Time Start Neapolitan Baroque Rococo Nineteenth Religiosa Statue
  • Sculptures Carved Heads Angels Cherub Angels Pair Carved 18th Time
  • Statue Virgin Polychrome Wood In The Child Haute Epoque Xvii Sculpture Religion
  • Sculpture Virgin And Child In Polychrome Wood Time Sixteenth Century
  • Sign Old Wood Carved Epoch Xviii Goat Head Home Alsace
  • Virgin Carved Wood Xviii Century Haute Epoque
  • Santon Grand Crib Representative Joseph Era Nineteenth Height 63cm
  • Virgin Carved Eighteenth Century Haute Epoque
  • Old Statue, Holy, Magi, Christ, Religious, High Time, 16th, 17th
  • Grand Santon Crib Representative Mary Time Nineteenth Height 63cm
  • Statue St. Sebastian Polychrome Wood Seventeenth Haute Epoque Church
  • Pair Of Cherub Wooden Statues 18eme Haute Epoque Religious
  • Pair Of Heads Of Haute Epoque Walnut Carved Epoque Xviii Louis Xiii
  • Religious Sculpture Polychrome Virgin Wood Child Xviii Century
  • Great Christ Crucifix Carved Wood Polychrome 17th / Spain High Era
  • Statue Wood High Era Saint Bernard Of Aosta Xvi